Time Trials

The Marangoni tyres have been the protagonists of European time trials and even managed to change the history of these events: one only needs to refer to the six titles of the Italian Mountain Speed Championship and to the three European Mountain Championships that were won by the driver from Florence, Simone Faggioli, who was advantaged thanks to the performance of his tyres... the Marangoni Zeta Racing Line.


The information that was transmitted by the Faggioli Team and the synergies with the manufacturer, Osella, were the basis of our company's research in achieving victory with a radial tyre coverage in a field where conventional tyres had always dominated the scene.  A radial tyre capable of reaching optimal operating temperatures within 500 meters from the starting line was developed thanks to the commitment of the Marangoni Research and Development division. 


The successes are tangible proof that a truly technological challenge was surpassed and attained by using different casing profiles and new compounds with high concentrations of selected resins and oils.  To achieve these objectives, the know-how of just one of a very few groups around the world that manage all activities related to the entire life cycle of a tyre was crucial.