The history of our company is tied to a series of sport events and filled with great achievements and emotions: from the records that were set by Simone Faggioli in the timed hill races with the racing tyres that were developed by Marangoni, to the races of three young talents of the Marangoni Junior Trophy.


Not long ago, Mario Marangoni declared that the company «has always believed in car races because they enable us to try our tyres under extreme conditions. Conditions which are rarely encountered under normal conditions of use, or on the average every day road.»

During this occasion, the president of Marangoni SpA also reminded us that «for Marangoni, sporting activities are a useful laboratory for future developments. The results ensure a leading position forour in terms of technology and performance


However, our company's involvement is not limited to the world of vehicles: just think of the Marangoni Cup, an event in the circuit of the Italian Ski Cup, which has become one of the most qualified ski races of the Trentino region over time.

Simone Faggioli

Marangoni Zeta Linea Racing

Marangoni Cup