Marangoni and the Civic Museum of Rovereto

During a three-year cooperation programme with the Civic Museum of Rovereto, the Tyre Machinery division of the Marangoni Group developed a replica of the first vehicle that ventured to the moon in 1971.


This piece of work was carried out following several lines of research within the robotic, sensor and automation fields that were, then, applied to the natural thematic and to the new technologies of communication. This vehicle is the starting point of development for future projects in the field of mechatronics and material engineering.  It confirms the Marangoni Group's commitment to continuous innovation.


This reconstruction, which was done by Marangoni's technicians for educational purposes, is based on the technical and photographic materials that were provided by NASA. Charles Duke, who piloted a lunar module of the Apollo 16 mission in 1972, came to Rovereto to see and to drive the replica of this lunar vehicle. 

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