Marangoni and the Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto (MART)

Between 2006 and 2007, our company participated in the "Mitomacchina", a major exhibition of the MART, which is dedicated to the history, technology and future of automobile design.


In particular, our company presented the Rubber Car, which was designed by the artist Paolo Canevari (born in Rome in 1962 and who now lives and works in New York).  The Rubber Car was designed and created for this particular exhibition.


This piece of work, which looks like a car, is made with unusual material, such as tyre material.  The artist has used this material in his research since the Nineties to convey "a trace of the human path".


The Rubber Car reveals the artistic potential of an object, such as the car, which, according to Canaries, "stimulates the imagination, the fantasy of travels and the path of the spiritual idea of motion".  At the same time, this piece of work evokes the company's role for the territory, which is represented through dialogue and artistic languages and which is also synonymous with technological innovation and creativity.


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MARTRubber Car di Paolo Canevari Marangoni Ellisse