Retreading Systems and Technology

In this business area Marangoni develops day by day its extensive specialisation in cold retreading with precured rings. Today, in Europe, Marangoni is one of the main supplier of precured material and equipment used in commercial tyre retreading.

The real strength of this business unit, which covers all truck market needs, is the RINGTREAD SYSTEM: an exclusive cold retreading technology that utilises precured tread rings produced in Marangoni Group facilities. The RINGTREAD SYSTEM offers highly automated retreading processes, guaranteeing enhanced productivity, high quality standards and outstanding technical performance.

This business unit offers customers a wide range of products and services, from precured rings and integrated retreading systems to technical knowhow, sales training, plus marketing and after-sales support. The world is the reference market for this business unit which operates production plants in Italy, Germany, the United States and Brazil. 

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