Commercial Tyres

This business unit of the Marangoni Group is an important international point of reference in the sector of tyre retreading for commercial vehicles, from road haulage to off-road applications.

The basic competitive edge is the wide assortment of retreaded products, including giant tyres for earth-moving machinery and industrial transport, along with efficient service perfected over decades of retreading experience and assistance to large fleets. It is also a major manufacturer of retreads for passenger, 4x4s and light transport vehicles. In this business unit Marangoni also collects and recycles worn tyres to produce electric energy through thermal processing.

Research and technology with a focus on performance, reliability, safety and environmental sustainability are once again the cornerstones of the Group’s activities. Marangoni also offers a complete line of new tyres for the road haulage and earth-moving sectors. 

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Marangoni Commercial Tyres